Behind the works of Modern Relics is a decade of evolution and ambition, as Zablocki has tested the limits of his medium and endurance. In his Montana studio, the artist first sculpts his shapes from tons of dense clay before firing them in one of America’s largest wood-burning anagama kilns. The firing can take weeks and requires a team of ten people to manage the furnace, but the total process can take years, as he returns to further sculpt his works to realize his exact vision. Modern Relics, Zablocki’s first solo gallery show in New York, marks a milestone in the artist’s ongoing exploration of radical utility through these methods. Imbued with the energy of his daily life and artistic practice, Zablocki’s functional sculptures embrace their use and engagement. View the works online today and visit the exhibition at Guild Gallery, from September 15th through November 26th. 

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SEPT 15, 2022 - NOV 12, 2022

Casey Zablocki: Modern Relics

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