NOV 10, 2022

The poetic ceramics of Casey Zablocki exhibited at the Guild Gallery in New York


About the Show

The Guild Gallery of architecture and interior design studio Roman and Williams presents the work of artist Casey Zablocki in a solo exhibition.


Founded by Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, Roman and Williams is an architecture and interior design studio based in New York City. The internationally renowned firm has opened its exhibition space in the same city, the Guild Gallery. Currently, one can discover the work of Casey Zablocki, who presents his ceramics for the first time outside the state of Montana where he officiates. Entitled “Modern Relics”, this curation brings together 70 works from his repertoire, both tableware and more monumental sculptures.


Trained at the University of Montana, Casey Zablocki perfected his apprenticeship in South Korea with the sculptor Lee Hun Chung . On his return to the United States, the ceramist embarked on the creation of his own pieces. His experimentation with materials and cooking gives rise to unique objects. “ My work gives the impression of having been found at the bottom of the ocean or of having been in contact with the lava of a volcano ”, explains Casey Zablocki. Cooked in an anagama kiln using a historical technique, the American's ceramics draw their aesthetics from this demanding method and the precise gesture of the craftsman. The latter can abandon a project for several weeks, even several months, before finalizing its modelling.